Over the years we have had the joy of being commissioned by clients for a variety of life's milestones. There was the Florida East Coast bride who wanted her wedding guests to take home a memento of the beach. And the new homeowner who wanted a kitchen backsplash for over her sink. We fondly recall the couple who came to us with a broken dish from their beloved Christmas set and asked us to recycle it. And we can't forget the bride-to-be who brought us souvenirs from her bachelorette party.

As you can see, we've created a variety of pieces -- some big, some not-so-big. But regardless of the size or scope of the projects, we treat each one with the same quality, whimsy, and attention to detail. From weddings to first homes, to holidays and new Spring gardens, we welcome the invitation to mark a milestone in your life.

Our Commissions gallery is chock full of fun and wonderful projects which we've created for an assortment of clients and requests.