Mosaic Madness Classes

Whether you're a beginner or more advanced, Mosaic Madness offers a variety of classes in a fun, informative atmosphere. We supply all of the materials, tools, adhesive, base items, and grout -- with discussions on each. All classes are taught by founder, artist and owner of Mosaic Madness, Julie Galvin Weilbacher. Prices begin at $65.

B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bottle)

Skill level: Intermediate

Bring your own (empty!) wine bottle to this fun and unusual class. This 10–hour class will use stained glass, vitreous tile, and found objects to create a one–of–a–kind display wine bottle. This is a great gift to give or make for the wine connoisseur in your life. And just think, you’ll have fun "emptying" the wine bottle in time for class. We know, we know, another great tip from Mosaic Madness. We’re here to help! Vase Class Example


Skill level: Beginner

We’ll transform a 4" square tile into a one–of–a–kind coaster! It’s a great place to park your favorite cup of coffee, wine bottle, vase or potted plant. And when not in use as any of those great ideas, you can display it on an easel! Think of it as the multi–tasking piece of art! We love that! As if learning a new artform isn’t exciting enough, you’ll complete this project in 3 hours! Coaster Class Example

Flower Pot

Skill level: Intermediate

What’s a garden party without flower pots? No worries if you don’t have a green thumb. Flower pots are multi–functional. They can be used in the kitchen for utensils, in the office for holding pens and pencils, or in the bathroom for displaying jars of sugar scrubs and loofahs. This 3–session class to create an 8" flower pot will cover information on how to prep the base, choose a pattern and colors, cutting, tools, adhesion, placing tiles, and grouting. Students are encouraged to bring sentimental items such as broken heirloom plates, beads, and found objects –– read: fun stuff! Flower Pot Class Example

Glass Platter

Skill level: Beginner

This glass–on–glass class is a great way to get your feet wet in mosaics –– in a little over 3 hours! –– while making an original piece of art for your home. We’ll adhere stunningly beautiful squares of glass tile to a glass platter. No cutting required! Depending on which side you tile, you can use it for a pile of brownies (or your favorite sweet treat!) or as the base of a centerpiece on a table. Whichever side you decide to tile, your glass platter would look great if displayed on an easel.....under a spotlight, with a sign that reads "I made this!" Your guests will oooohhh and ahhhhhh at your supreme level of creativity! They’ll be begging you to make them one. Take a number please..... Glass Platter Class Example


Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Imagine how good you’ll feel every morning when, just before you dash out the front door, you take one last peak at yourself in the mosaic mirror –– which you created! Love it! In this 3–session class to create a 10" square mirror, students will learn about choosing a pattern and colors, cutting, tools, adhesion, placing tiles, and grouting. Students are encouraged to bring found objects they’ve been keeping in hopes of incorporating into a mosaic one day. Mirror Class Example


Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

Mosaic tables conjure up a vision of a sidewalk cafe, a good bottle of wine, and conversation with great friends. Since our schedules don’t always allow for that, why not mosaic a table for your own home to recreate that cafe scene. In this 3–session class to create a 19" round table, students will incorporate stained glass, vitreous tile, and ceramic tile into their mosaic. Information to be covered includes pattern and color selection, cutting, tools, adhesion, placing tile, and grouting. Table Class Example


Skill level: Beginner

Much like it’s younger sister –– 4" coaster –– the 6" square trivet is a multi-tasking piece of art! It’s pretty enough, big enough, and gosh darn it items like to be placed on it! Can’t hate a piece of art just because it’s beautiful and efficient! Your coffee cup, wine bottle, vase, potted plant, and favorite casserole will thank you for making this masterpiece. This is another class in our "fast track" to learning mosaics. Carve out a little over 4 hours and the project is yours! Trivet Class Example


Skill level: Beginner to Intermediate

For those of you who are addicted to mosaics –– we know who you are and it’s ok! –– we’ve developed a great "first step" into the world of glass on glass. This class is a little over 5 hours and there’s no cutting required! We’ll use squares of gorgeous vitreous tile to transform an ordinary vase into a glistening vessel for your flowers. It’ll be so beautiful you can even display it empty! Vase Class Example

Wall Plaque

Skill level: Beginner

This 3–session class to create an 8" x 12" wall piece is perfect for learning how to incorporate ceramic tile and china into a mosaic. Basic information to be covered includes how to pick and prep an appropriate base item, pattern and color selection, cutting, tools, adhesion, placing tiles, and grouting. We will lead you through the mosaic process from beginning to end giving you the basic knowledge to complete another mosaic on your own. Wall Plaque Class Example

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